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Turnersville, NJ 08012

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About Us

Fremont Professional Services is a maintenance and consulting agent, administrating all aspects of facility maintenance and construction management services for multi-location retailers and institutions. Our services range from managing entire facility maintenance budgets to managing specific facility maintenance needs.

Mission Statement

Fremont Professional Services is an industry leader in the areas of management and maintenance. A highly motivated team, committed to providing the best service satisfaction in our industry. We are dedicated to raising the overall awareness of implementing a sound business practice for facility maintenance. Teamwork, creative thinking, empowered associates and effective communications ensure long term relationships are developed and maintained one day at a time.

Summary of Benefits

• Guaranteed budget compliance and service delivery.
• Brand image consistency through uniform appearance.
• Streamlined operations through reduced administrative steps.
• Reduce expenses through service consolidation and centralized purchasing.
• Maximize asset preservation through consistent preventive maintenance.
• Increased effectiveness in store management by reducing store management’s maintenance responsibilities.
• Reduce risk of liability using Fremont pre-qualified, fully insured service providers.
• Ease of communication through a single point of contact.

Service Strategy Development

Taking a strategic approach to ensuring the highest quality of service, Fremont has implemented a quality control program that will emphasize consistent service delivery and constant communication. Maintaining consistent communication with our clients is the core of Fremont Professional Services’s Quality Assurance Program.

Client Centric Organization

Fremont Professional Services dedicated client centric team strategy is the foundation for the success of our partnerships. Under our single point of contact approach, clients will only have to call one person for answers regarding all services. Fremont Professional Services is completely focused on providing operational expertise to its clients. Fremont Professional Services believes developing a relationship with clients reaffirms our commitment to unmatchable service excellence and responsiveness to your needs and will strategically position our client base and Fremont Professional Services for future growth and a successful continued partnership.